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Casual, Handmade, Genuine Leather Mens Shoes 12237 Black/Grey

Casual, Handmade, Genuine Leather Mens Shoes 12237 Black/Grey

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    • Easy to wear with jeans, casual pants, and more occasions
    • Breathable, comfortable
    • Sole made from light synthetic sole
    • Inside and outside made from genuine leather
    • Made in Turkey
    • Handmade



    • GOOD QUALITY ; A mass produced shoe may be made from faux leather. Cheap leather will crack and split over a period of time. Your shoe will become useless whereas handmade shoes crafted from high-quality leather are highly resistant.

    • TRULY COMFORTABLE; Nothing can beat the comfort brought on by handmade shoes. They are perfect in size and snug fit for you. These shoes also become flexible after prolonged use making it the best choice

    • MORE BREATHABLE ; Shoes made by hand provide more breathing opportunity to your feet as a result of which your skin does not get damaged after prolonged wearing. Factory made shoes have the inferior fit and sometimes even cause skin damage.

    • MEDICAL CONDITION ;In case you are suffering from special medical condition regarding your feet or skin, a handmade shoe is the only option for you. They are made according to your instruction with good quality material to help you heal

    • TIMELESS ; High quality leather handmade shoes are classics and you can never go wrong with them. They are made from naturally sourced material and are stylish. The factory produced ones look all the same with no uniqueness.

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